VLA Council Meeting, Jan. 9, 2015

From Suzanne Corriell (standing in for Terry Long)
The dates listed in the agenda MAY change, but notice about that will be given in the next 2 weeks.

The 2014 End-of-Year finances are on the vla.org site, under the Calendar link.  The fall conference brought in 136k – “tremendous.”  Membership is a little bit lower.  The 2015 budget should reflect that the website and the new MemberClicks platform will save effort and money on bank fees.

Instead of covering forms on the website, Lisa will be sending out webinars to cover the information that she traditionally covers at the January meeting.

The Executive Committee has been carefully examining the committee structures and attempting to better coordinate cost-effective communications.  Virginia Libraries is rethinking how it publishes, and is moving toward 1 “robust” issue each year (starting with this month’s peer-reviewed issue).  There will be an ad hoc website committee that examines communications.  Several committees were dissolved: Multicultural Forum is now Diversity and Inclusion; Professional Endowment is now Fundraising/Development; Public Libraries Forum and Communication & Technology are dissolved.  They’re looking for chairs for Intellectual Freedom, Website, Membership, and Public Services.  They’re moving toward quarterly distribution of volunteers.

The Legislative Agenda (now called the Legislative Program) is available on the website.  The goal this year is to sustain funding, not increase it.  We were reminded to respond to calls for advocacy, since legislators pay attention to constituents.  

Professional Associates Forum – moving toward a 1-day conference to cut costs for attendees.

They’re looking to improve the quality of presentations and will be offering a Presentation Academy pilot this year for additional training for presenters, plus adding a presentation coordinator.  The 2015 theme is Libraries @ the Center, and the keynote speakers are Lydia Netzer and Kira Brown.  [not sure about that last name.]  

Call for awards will be coming soon.
For the Designated Agenda – it’s online, but the focus is on communications and conferences.  

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