VALL Spring Meeting, April 20, 2018

Thirty-eight people attended the VALL Spring Meeting at the University of Virginia Law School Library on Friday April 20. 
On the agenda that beautiful spring day were three programs; a business meeting where VALL said goodbye to outgoing president, Lara Dresser; secretary, Dana Deseck-Piazzon; director, Doris Morgan; and welcomed incoming president, Andrew Winston; vice president/president elect, Chris Vassey; director, Liz Schiller; and secretary, Megan Scanlon; at the end of the meeting attendees were given the opportunity to tour the library.
Thank you to Micheal Klepper for the photos.

Registration Table
An opportunity to catch up L-R: Chris Vassey, Wendy Maines, Lara Dresser and Amy Wharton. 
Attendees getting ready for the meeting progams.

Gail Zwiner presenting Serving On a Public Library Board a/k/a How to Stay Busy in Retirement.


Wendy Maines speaking to VALL members about Mindfulness for Law Libraries


 Cathy Palombi from UVA Law Library and Gail Zwirner.
 Outgoing VALL president, Lara Dresser, and incoming president, Andrew Winston.
Greg Stoner, Joyce Janto and Suzanne Corriell on the panel of Metrics in Law Libraries.

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The Virginia Association of Law Libraries (VALL) supports and serves its members’ professional pursuits by fostering a spirit of leadership and cooperation, providing educational and leadership opportunities, and promoting and enhancing the value of law libraries.

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