Three New VALL Committees

From President Amy Wharton:

The Executive Board is currently recruiting for three important committees. The charges for each are listed below. A few people have already expressed interest in serving, but we’re looking for many more. For the 30th Anniversary Committee, we’re looking for celebration planners as well as those who know our history well and have ideas for how we can highlight that history for the benefit of future librarians and the world at large. Second, spurred by Gail Warner’s recent appointment to the Virginia Access to Justice Commission, we’ve been called to focus as a group on supporting the legal information needs of Virginians. Librarians who work with public patrons are particularly needed for this committee. Last but certainly not least, for our Strategic Planning Committee 2017, we’re hoping to have a wide range of experience levels and perspectives to help establish a path for the VALL of the future. Clairvoyance is preferred, but is by no means required!

What resonates with you? Please email and let me know as we establish committee chairs and rosters. We’ll be rolling up our sleeves and getting to work in early January, so there’ll be no added stress before the holidays! Time is precious for all of us, but your generous service will be deeply appreciated and will make a difference.

The Committees:

30th Anniversary Committee

This committee will explore ways to honor, celebrate and commemorate VALL’s 30 year history and will submit a report to the Executive Board with recommendations, including resource and expenditure requests, by January 31, 2014. The committee will then oversee execution of the approved plan.

VALL Access to Justice Committee

This committee will be comprised of members who have an interested in supporting the legal information needs of members of the public.
The committee will:

  •  advise the law librarian appointee to the Virginia Access to Justice Commission about the public’s needs for access to legal information and legal information literacy instruction, about initiatives of law librarians statewide in serving those needs, and issues concerning access to and use of legal information by this population.
  • coordinate efforts of law librarians across the state to improve public access to legal information and legal information literacy instruction.
  • report to VALL’s leaders and members about the relevant activities and interests of entities beyond Virginia’s borders and, conversely, share information about VALL’s activities and interests with outside organizations as appropriate.

VALL 2017 Strategic Planning Committee

This committee will develop a three-year strategic plan for VALL, taking into account current trends and potential future developments in law librarianship, law practice, access to legal information, AALL’s strategic plan, and association management, practices and services. The committee will draft a plan report and present it to the VALL Executive Board by May 31, 2014. The Executive Board will review the report and work with the committee to finalize the VALL 2017 Strategic Plan, which the president will present to the membership for approval at the Fall 2014 Annual Meeting.

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