Farewell Message from Outgoing President

I still remember the call from Theresa Schmid that started it all. Theresa, a member of the 2009-2010 nominating committee, called and asked me to consider running for VALL Vice President/President-Elect in 2010. Shocked, flattered, and flabbergasted, I asked for a little time to consider. I stepped out of my office and sought counsel from Frosty Owen. As my supervisor and a former VALL President, I took his advice to heart. He told me, “if there’s any way that you think you can manage it, do it. It’s a wonderful experience.”

Frosty was right. This has been an incredible experience for me; an educational experience and a humbling experience. Participating in board meetings, planning events, communicating with members. Each exchange and experience was so very valuable to my professional growth. I feel I have gotten so much more out of these past two years than I have put in. Honestly, it all happened so fast that I feel I’ve now just figured out how things work.

I hope that our efforts this past year have contributed to the creation of an environment where VALL members and the association can thrive. We accomplished some very important tasks this past year. First and foremost, updating the Leadership Handbook. I found the Handbook to be an invaluable tool. I consulted it regularly to ensure that I was performing every necessary task, and to gain a greater understanding of the roles each board and committee member played in the successful administration of this great association.

We have also made great progress towards the digitization of all VALL and RALLA newsletters. Progress has only been held back by my schedule, which I pray has cleared enough to successfully complete this project during my year as immediate past president. I am also proud to be able to say that our list-serv has been updated and is now regularly maintained; many thanks to Chris Vassey for so willingly adding this to her duties as membership committee chair. And finally, I am very proud at the level of participation by each member of the Executive Board. Each scheduled conference call was well-attended and full of active participation and idea exchange. We communicated regularly, both informally, to ensure all VALL business was conducted in a timely manner.

To the members of the Executive Board and every committee chair and member, thank you. I could not have asked to serve with a better, more talented group of individuals. Suzanne, your coordination of the Spring meeting was positively divine. I so admire your professionalism, determination and creativity. VALL is in excellent hands. Amy, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do as Wikimaster, Secretary, and now Vice President. It has been a pleasure. Patricia, thank you so much for your diligence and responsiveness. Anthony, Greg and David, thank you for your support, advice, encouragement, dedication and enthusiasm. Evelyn, thank you for your ongoing commitment to the Board and VALLTalk. I am a grateful beneficiary of your well-reasoned counsel, and well-placed reminders. Thank you, each and every member who has donated their time, talents, or knowledge to VALL.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as VALL President. I look forward to continuing to serve the organization throughout my entire career in law librarianship.

Best wishes for a successful year to come.


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