VALL Annual Meeting at South University, Richmond, Nov. 6 – 7, 2009

"Cool" "Modern" and "Immensely attractive" were some of the words used by members of VALL to describe South University's Richmond Campus. VALL held it's annual meeting at the Richmond Campus, Nov. 6 - 7, and it was attended by about 30 members.

The Friday attendees in the Distance Learning Lab

Interim Richmond Campus President Seth Saunders welcoming VALL and sharing SU's history, philosophy and plans with VALLers

Doris Morgan from McGuireWoods won one of Friday's door prizes -- an SU t-shirt. Seth Saunders and SU Head Librarian Evelyn Campbell present it to her.

VALL Program Chair Anthony Ikwueme receives the second door prize from Seth Saunders. The third door prize which was an SU clock was won by Julie Stuckey.

Gail Warren from the Virginia State Law Library and Jean Holcomb presenting their Friday program Got Ideas? Tools and Techniques to Identify, Refine and Communicate Ideas that Stick.

Friday's attendees listening attentively to Gail and Jean.

Saturday's panel for Bridging the Gap Between What Law Schools Teach and What Law Firms Need. L-R: Chris Byrne from the College of William & Mary Law Library, Suzanne Corriell from the University of Richmond Law Library, Barbara Baxter from Liberty University School of Law Library, Billie Jo Brooks from Williams Mullen and Laurie Claywell from Kaufman & Canoles.

Saturday's attendees listening to the panel before participating in a lively discussion.

Donna Bausch, Jean Holcomb, Tracie Krumbine and Doris Morgan during a break in the program.

Jeanne Ullian, Chris Byrne and VALL President Fred Dingledy.

Gail Warren, Barbara Cumming, Billie Jo Brooks and Barbara Baxter.

Guest Speaker Christine Sellers from the Library of Congress sharing her experiences with VALL on how she coped with being laid off and how she created the popular blog Law Librarians of Leisure.

Guest speaker Christine Sellers

More door prizes! Billie Jo Brooks wins one of the door prizes donated by LexisNexis' Leanne Battle. L-R: Fred Dingledy, Tracie Krumbine and Billie Jo Brooks.

Suzanne Corriell wins the second door prize.

David Knight from the Norfolk Law Library won the third door prize.

A Word (or two) from VALL President Fred Dingledy:
"Thanks to everyone for making the VALL Fall/Annual Meeting a success! Kudos to the Program Committee for coming up with a great slate of speakers. Jean Holcomb and Gail Warren provided sage advice on how to come up with ideas that will stick; and just as important, how to get those ideas across to the people who have to implement them. There was a lively panel discussion involving librarians from the academic and law firm worlds on how to best teach law students the research skills they will need as attorneys. Finally, Christine Sellers, the mind behind the Law Librarians of Leisure blog, offered sound advice on dealing with the current job market for law librarians.
I was especially pleased with the high degree of involvement our members displayed. Many questions and comments flew back and forth between presenters and members during the weekend's programs, which I always take as a sign of a good meeting. Once again, thanks to the presenters, organizers, and attendees, and a big thanks to South University as well for agreeing to host the event at their brand-new campus in Richmond. I hope everyone will be there for the Winter Meeting at Liberty!"

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