Disaster Preparedness Kit

Ready, Set, Preserve—Redux!
Sally Wambold, University of Richmond Law Library
for the VALL Preservation Committee

A considerable time ago, the VALL Preservation Committee issued a challenge to the membership to develop a Disaster Preparedness Kit. SOLINET, now Lyrasis, provided a list of items. Preservation and disaster preparedness have two powerful enemies, lack of time and lack of money; and no library accepted the challenge. UR Law volunteered to work through the challenge and especially encountered the problem of limited time.

The list is long and can be off-putting. However, Director Tim Coggins at UR wisely helped to shorten the list by observing that many items are already onsite. Below are the items on the UR shopping list. Buying them will not complete the work, but it will demonstrate progress. With luck, the ball will “remain in play” until there is completion. The VALL Preservation Committee hopes to report on this topic again very soon.

boots, rubber
brooms, regular
brooms with squeegees
cleaning compounds
fungicide (Lysol)
garbage bags
identification badges
light sticks, chemical
lights, shop

boxes, cardboard
bread trays, plastic buckets (for photos)
freezer or waxed paper
hoses, water

clothesline (30lb monofilament or nylon)
clothespins, plastic
paper for interleaving (paper towels or unprinted newsprint)

hand saw
plywood, assorted sizes

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