Principles of Legal Research (West 2009)

Kent C. Olson from the University of Virginia Law Library has authored Principles of Legal Research which is due out this summer. It may not be out yet but Kent is giving us a preview of a portion of the book which should prove invaluable to all law libraries.

As an appendix to the book, Kent recently made a topical list of selected treatises and services. For each of 46 subjects it indicates the LC call number range and then lists (1) multi-volume treatises, (2) one-volume treatises and hornbooks, and (3) services. It also indicates which titles are available in Lexis or Westlaw, with WL database IDs.

The UVA Law Library has adapted this list to limit it to items available to its patrons. They have included the library's locations and call numbers, and listed the online-only items separately at the end of each section.

Kent says that anyone else interested in adapting the list for their own library holdings is welcome to do so. Please include a credit to the book, as UVA Law Library has done, if you create a handout or website adaptation.

The full list is available here: and the version for UVA Law Library is here:

Note from Kent:
I'd be happy to send these files as Word documents to anyone who'd like to use them. I'd also appreciate hearing about errors, oversights or updates, especially before the final printed version goes to press. Kent Olson at

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